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Stories to Help You Overcome Common Small Business Challenges

The task of running a small business is anything but… well, small. It’s a huge undertaking! As a small business owner, your list of responsibilities can seem endless. From balancing the books to managing employees, marketing to customers, and more, the success of your business is on your shoulders. That also means when challenges arise, it’s up to you to find the solution.

Searching for answers can be overwhelming. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know. So, where do you start?

Then, re

Cornerstone of Hope: Where No Grieving Person Journeys Alone

EMS is proud to support our Cleveland community in a variety of ways. Over the years we’ve collectively donated our time and talents, our services and knowledge, toys, supplies, food, and have sponsored outstanding organizations through monetary contributions. One of these outstanding organizations that EMS has sponsored for many years is Cornerstone of Hope.

It only takes one visit to the facility in Independence to witness the unique passion of Cornerstone of Hope. Even though it is located o

EMS Sponsors Coach Sam's Inner Circle Foundation Annual Golf Outing

On Monday, August 5th the Electronic Merchant Systems team sponsored and participated in the Coach Sam’s Inner Circle Foundation Annual Golf Outing. It was a beautiful day filled with great golf, an auction, raffle prizes, fantastic food, and not a cloud in the sky. During the event, we sat down with the Executive Director of the foundation, Ori Akrish, to learn a bit more about the foundation’s history and mission.

History of the Inner Circle Foundation

When the Inner Circle Foundation was or

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