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Samantha Hubay

Marketing Copywriter, Editor, and Proofreader
My mission is to help businesses connect with their audiences in a more holistic and human way.

About Me

I have over five years of experience developing,
proofreading, editing, and analyzing content for marketing effectiveness. 

How I Work

My approach to writing is diligent and focused. I work backwards from my deadlines and research each topic fully before diving into the narrative.

What I Love

I have always been enamored with words, music, and fresh air. I enjoy hiking with my husband and am a passionate flute player, specializing in musical theater.

Contact Me

Please explore my portfolio and feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thank you!

My Work

Accessibility is a B2P Marketing Strategy

How to lean into B2P marketing by making your website accessible to all

When was the last time you used a paper phone book to reach a business? Most people haven’t flipped through those newsprint quality pages in decades. Instead, we rely on the convenience and immediacy of the internet to help us make purchase decisions.

Back in our phone book days, two overarching marketing strategies ruled the industry: B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer). Much like the phone book, the

10 Tips for Marketing Your Small Business on a Budget

Many small businesses today are operating on shoestring budgets. Is yours in the same boat?

Trying to grow a business on a very small budget can be challenging, but it is far from impossible.

Take Chip and Joanna Gaines for example! Jo started out with a dream for a tiny home décor shop. When first starting out, she had no idea if there would be enough interest or if she would make enough profit to keep it open for a week. Now, here they are 15+ years later, with one of the most well-known hom

Cornerstone of Hope: Where No Grieving Person Journeys Alone

EMS is proud to support our Cleveland community in a variety of ways. Over the years we’ve collectively donated our time and talents, our services and knowledge, toys, supplies, food, and have sponsored outstanding organizations through monetary contributions. One of these outstanding organizations that EMS has sponsored for many years is Cornerstone of Hope.

It only takes one visit to the facility in Independence to witness the unique passion of Cornerstone of Hope. Even though it is located o

Why a Strong Communication Strategy is Essential for Your Business

Have you made some changes to your business recently? You’re not alone. Practically every business in the country changed their normal practices and procedures in some way in response to the pandemic.

It was a long, hard year, but now vaccination numbers are growing and we're slowly starting to return to business as usual. That means you may need to adapt your business practices once again. This is an encouraging, possibly even exciting prospect!

Before you start developing your "back to busin